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Enter the world of spirit through the realm of the sub-atomic!

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Tachyon Oscillators

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Tachyon sacred geometry quartz oscillators create a tiny amonut of piezoelectrical charge that creates a harmonic resonance through our physical bodies and our energy fields. By holding the Tachyon Oscillator in your hands you apply a mechanical force to the crystal that begins to emit piezoelectrical charge. As Tachyon Oscillators were subjected to tachionization process they also act as Tachyon stargates and coupled with piezoelectrical effect this creates a very high and harmonious vibrational frequency that assists in our Ascension process. The shape of the sacred geometry crystal determines the shape of the positive etheric Tachyon scalar field and thus the general effect on our consciousness:

Cube Oscillator: grounds our consciousness, brings focus, puts us into here and now

Dodecahedron Oscillator: puts all aspects of our being into balance, aligns us with our divine archetype

Pyramid Oscillator: connects us with our higher self, brings inspiration

All three types of Tachyon Oscillators are 4 cm in size.

Product Details
Tachionized:This product is treated with special tachionization process
Dimensions:Length 4 cm, Width 4 cm, Height 4 cm Weight:Cube: 158 g, Dodecahedron: 120,8 g, Pyramid: 38,9 g