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Enter the world of spirit through the realm of the sub-atomic!

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Tachyon Aqua 0,5l

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Tachyon aqua is treated with special tachionization proces that does not alter its chemical compostion, but with insertion of tachyons it causes its modification on subatomic level.
Tachyon aqua has enormous vital potential. It enables entrance of tachyons into our physical body and thus accelerates detoxification processes, strenghtens the immune system and increases bioenergy level.

Tachyon Aqua is the winner of the golden certificate for the quality of biofield by Bion institute. Better general feeling after drinking the water is the result of tachyonized water, which among other things, influences the human BIOFIELD. In BION institute, among other things, they performed measurements of the influence tachyonized water has on the human biofield. The test was done with volunteers. The first changes at measuring the biofield were noticed after 7 minutes, after 15 minutes the effect increased even more. The human biofield condensed and formed a protective influence that gives more energy to a person.

Product Details
DOSAGE:Using the recommendation of the manufacturer is a cover of Aqua Tachyon added in 1,5 liters of water. Tachyonized:This product is treated with special tachionization process.
Tachyon aqua BION certificate
Certifications:The Bion Institute certificates objectively and scientifically confirm the influence of products or therapists on people or water. This gives to the product or therapist higher credibility, value and greater safety, and above all it makes them trustworthy.