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Enter the world of spirit through the realm of the sub-atomic!

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Tachionization is a technological process that infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Chemical composition is not altered, the change occurs on subatomic level. Because it decreases entropy of physical matter it reverses the aging process and strengthens the immune system.


The price is for a tachionization of one item that you want to tachionize. Please send your item for tachioniazion (up to 500 grams) to our address. We advise to send items which are not so valuable. Shipping and customs costs are paid by the buyer. If you order more than 10 tachionizations and pay with paypal we charge you a paypal fee. Please allow up to 30 days for shipping to your address after we recieve your items for tachionization.


Is the tachionization permanent or will the effects dilute after time?

This process is permanent and irreversible. It is not possible to remove tachyons by exposing them to heat, magnetic field or any type of chemical reaction.


Is the tachionization process safe?

This process is completely safe. It does not change chemical composition of matter and it does not create any type of electromagnetic field nor any type of radioactivity.


Why are tachyon products a good choice among wellness products?

Tachyon products are among the most effective means to improve our quality of life, removing physical causes of many diseases and imbalances in our bodies. Tachyon products cannot be misused and go well along with other wellness products. Since tachyons equally influence our physical body and our higher energy bodies, they improve our well-being and accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically.


Are there any side effects of tachyon products?

It is good to know that they trigger a purification and detoxification process that lasts uo to a few weeks and can have some mild side effects, such as headaches, sleeplessness,...This is just a sign that toxins are rapidly leaving your body which is in fact getting healthier! It is good to drink plenty of water during that time.