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Loan M.

“I work as a medium and a healer. I am an author and a workshop leader also. For my birthday, a friend offered me the tachyon silver pendant. It is amazing. Since many years, I was suffering of a lack of energy due to the satellites wall around planet Earth which stop the cosmic particules necessary to life. The tachyon pendant connect me directly to the central Sun of the Galaxy. It allows me to feed myself with those cosmic particules instead of the satellites. Since I am wearing it, my health is improving (I had a burn-out). So first, thank you for this amazing pendant!”

Peter Serazin

“I am tennis trainer for several years. Last year I have injured my wrist ligaments at personal condition training. My wrist has swollen. First I did not know that Tachyon Relax can help me. That is why, I used all creams I could find in pharmacy. This was how I was relieving my pain during training and practicing others. I have also ordered myself for chirurgical procedure. Then I have ordered Tachyon Relax cream after all. After 14 days of intensive application I could not believe that I did not loose only the pain, but also my wrist started functioning better than before the injury. Thank you for your help!”

Jesus Delgado

“As a pitcher I have got heavily soared elbow, because I pitched too many sliders and curves. I have tried everything to get my arm in shape again, but nothing worked. I could pitched mostly fastballs for two years. Once my player on my team lend me his Tachyon Relax cream, which helped him to repair his soared shoulder. After few days of applying the cream my elbow was like new again. Even if I am getting older, my arm is still in great shape and I can perform very well on higher levels of baseball too.”

Doroteja Vrhovnik

“I carry permanent steel plate in my left food due to complicated bone fracture. When I started using Tachyon Relax cream, my pain was so significally decreased that I do not have to use very strong pain killer pills anymore, which have created ulcer in my stomach.”

Matija Bericic

“Playing baseball as a catcher I missed a sign and I have got a 85 mph sinker instead of slider directly in my thumb. Because I always carry Tachyon Relax in my sportbag, I immediately applied it to my thumb. Thumb was completely black, but I proceed catching. After the game I applied it several times. Next day the thumb was yellow, not black anymore, what it usually takes 14 days. I could easily play double header game next day.”

Nevenka Hudovernik

“I got psoriasis 25 years ago. I have used many sorts of medications from antibiotics to different creams. I could not get rid off psoriasis. One month and half ago I started using Tachyon Relax cream. I am noticing that cream helps me very well. The scaly patches don’t itch anymore and I can also see that they are recovering. I am very pleased and I am confident, that my condition will get better.”

Darja Pintar

“We were on summer vacations last year and it happened that my son was stung on the back by jelly fish. Stings were quite long. I put them under water and than applied Tachyon Relax cream. Till the evening I applied the cream several times and the stings has disappeared. I am using Tachyon Relax cream regularly after all injuries and swollen muscles on my both sons, who are practicing ski jumping.”

Janez Dermastja

“I had major problems for four days with my back. I could hardly stand up. At evening I have applied Tachyon Relax cream. Next morning it was far better. After two days everything was OK.”


REGENERATING EFFECT OF TACHYONS - Tachyon Relax cream application

28.10.2005 Roentgen photo
The picture is showing a bone of a dog
after operation. It looks OK.

14.11.2005 Roentgen photo
After a while dog's situation got very bad.
The picture showed that bone was fungus
infected and become septic. Dog was dying.
Doctor has proposed death with injection.
But the owner said no and he applied several
times Tachyon Relax on the skin surface
of the bone. Dog has become better and better.

28.11.2005 Roentgen photo
They took another photo of bone and picture
showed almost normal bone. Compare it on 28.10.,
when everything was still OK. Doctor said it
was a miracle. This evidence is very important,
because it excludes the placebo effect.



I am complementary health practitioner for several years. Before Christmas I was attending a seminar. Because it was snowing heavily outside, all the stairs till top were wet. I fell from the top of the staircase. I immediately got stitches on my mouth and went home. -Tomaz Sustersic 

You can see the picture how I looked after
the fall on December, 23. 2009 at 10:44.

I started using Tachyon Relax cream
on my bruises. I applied it 6 times
per day.You can see the results the
next day in the morning.

And the same day in the evening.

This picture was shot on fifth day,
December 27 th at 10:05.You can see
the bruises were almost gone. This type
of condition normally last at least three
weeks, but in my case it took only five days.
And I have only used a half of the
flask till then.

That day I also went to doctor, because I found out that my wrist is broken and I did not notice before. Doctor could not believe her eyes that I recover so quickly. She said, I quote: “Are you a Superman? Are you from planet Krypton?”



Parmova 33

Date: April 18th, 2006


Products that we have received for testing and use performed very well generally, our biathlon team accepted them well, there were no negative reactions.

The products were used for massage and therapy of the following sportsmen/sportswomen: Tadeja Brankovič, Teja Gregorin, Andreja Mali, Dijana Grudiček, Andreja Koblar, Lucija Larisi, Janez Marič, Janez Ožbolt, Klemen Bauer.

Dosage: -Tachyon Relax; I mixed it with massage oil, some 3 to 4 drops for back and leg massage, that means 3 to 4 drops on the back from gluteus towards the neck, also 3 to 4 drops for both legs.

Conclusions: Together with our men’s and women’s biathlon team we came to the following conclusions while using above mentioned products:

Tachyon Relax showed itself as a very good supplement to massage oil, which helped with faster regeneration of tired muscles and that contributed towards a higher quality training already the next day after the massage

In the end I would like to thank you since your products helped with our work. I hope we will continue our cooperation and help our sportsmen on their training and competitions.

Mitja Račečič
Masseur of Slovenia biathlon team



Six sessions in Tachyon Healing Chamber with Megan

I finished six 20-minute sessions in Dr. Joe’s healing chamber about 3 weeks ago. I have waited to post a testimonial because I wanted to give myself some time to observe myself. My theory is that it probably takes the body some time to heal — spontaneous healing is possible, but also more healing probably kicks in 3 or 4 weeks later, or even after that. Here’s what I have observed 3 weeks after my six sessions. I may write some more in the future if I continue to have some breakthroughs.

1. I had aching tendons around both of my knees before I was in the chamber. About 80 or 90 percent of those aches are gone. I still feel the aches occasionally but it is much better now.

2. My head and thinking is clearer and I feel like some negative thinking and perhaps some depression has gone away. I was not a depressed person before, but I feel that some blocks have been removed. This is a very subtle. I don’t feel “high,” but I simply feel more positive and full-speed-ahead about life.

3. I think an ache I had in the back of one of my shoulders is gradually going away.

4. I had a breast thermagram this morning and had good results. A breast thermagram is an alternative to a mammogram. With a thermagram, a technician uses a camera and takes photos of the “heat map” of the breasts. A doctor elsewhere then reads the photos and I’ll receive the official doctor report in a week or two — but the technician herself gives me immediate feedback on the photos. She knows a lot from doing so many of them. The thermagram gives an earlier warning regarding problems, such as inflammation or clog-ups or signs that something is wrong. Six months ago I had a thermagram and it indicated some inflammation and heat on one side. It wasn’t extreme, but I wanted to clear up what was showing in the heat map. I wasn’t anticipating coming to the healing chamber six months ago. Anyway, I’ve changed my diet somewhat (to more alkaline, in general, and eliminated meat) and done some other things they recommended. This morning my “heat map” was nearly clear. The woman technician, who runs the clinic, told me she had never seen such good results in just six months! She was astounded she said and she sees a lot of people and a lot of results. I think it is the healing chamber that helped me clear this up so quickly.

5. I am sleeping more soundly now and feel more relaxed, in general.