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Enter the world of spirit through the realm of the sub-atomic!

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Tachyon products are developed by New Energy Tachyon, a research and development company based in Europe. Currently they focus on researching the effect of influence of exotic forms of matter such as non-ionized plasma, gluonic dark matter and neutrino dark matter on tachyon field. They also do research of behavior of tachyon field at extremely low temperatures, for example in liquid nitrogen. In suborbital and orbital space around Earth they study the effect of cosmic rays upon the tachyon field. The company is cooperating with leading companies from the civilian space research initiative, such as Bigelow Aerospace and UP Aerospace. They were present at the first commercial suborbital test flight for small companies thanks to their cooperation with ZG Aerospace LLC. They are participating in the Fly your stuff program of Bigelow Aerospace aboard their Genesis II orbital spacecraft.

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TACHYON AQUA Tachyon aqua is treated with special tachionization proces that does not alter its chemical compostion, but with insertion of tac..
TACHYON CELL PHONE PROTECTION Tachyon cell phone protection is a tachyonized metal plate  with a special energy symbol. This plate harmonizes harmf..

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TACHYON ENERGY SUPPORT Tachyon Energy Support in selected Tachyon Chamber is for 1 visit ( 20 - 25 minutes). You can also select 5 + 1 visit under ..
TACHYON HOME ELECTROSMOG PROTECTION Household tachyon electrosmog protection is an improved version of cell phone protection with an increased radi..
TACHYON RELAX CREAM Tachyonized B-COMPLEX VITAMIN – HERBAL cream (Tachyon Relax Cream) is proven to completely remove or drastically reduce p..
TACHYON SILVER PENDANT Tachyon pendant contains a glass cell that acts as a tachyon generator. Tachyon generator is an antenna that receives tachyo..