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Enter the world of spirit through the realm of the sub-atomic!

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Tachyon Energy Cell

24.40€ Ex Tax: 20.00€


Tachyon energy cell is a tachyonized glass cell with high concentration of tachyons. Therefore it very efficiently balances and harmonizes the immune system, rejuvenates and detoxifies the physical body, restores emotional balance, enhances mental abilities, accelerates spiritual growth and increases already existing talents. It can sometimes remove physical pain. It is available in all colors of the rainbow, covering all frequencies and balancing all chakras. It is shipped in clear transparent color unless you specifly a different color when you place your order. You can wear it in your pocket, in your hand or purse, put it on your chakra or acupuncture point or hold it at a painful spot in the body.



Product Details
Tachionized:This product is treated with special tachionization process
Dimensions:Diameter 17 mm Weight:4.9 g