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Enter the world of spirit through the realm of the sub-atomic!

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Goshenite and Morganite are two stones from Beryl mineral family with extremely high vibration. Goshenite accelerates our Ascension process and puts us into contact with Ascended beings, whereas Morganite opens our heart to higher unconditional cosmic Love. All our Goshenites and Morganites have been subjected to 12 hour long tachionization process, transforming them into living portals into higher dimensions of consciousness. Tachyonized goshenite can be used to strengthen a particular Ascension vortex.  Goshenites are available in two sizes: small (15-30 mm) and large (30-50 mm).



Product Details
Tachionized:This product is treated with special tachionization process
Dimensions:Small: 15mm - 30mm, Large: 30-50 mm