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Never posted, but suddenly feel the need to clear the air about what’s happening here.
You are not downloading ascension codes. Your once perfect human system does not need codes to ascend. The horrible shit you are feeling right now is not “the light” hitting you. YOU ARE THE LIGHT! This horrible stuff you feel is the darkness LEAVING YOUR BODY!
The awakening and ascension you feel is your system coming off dark grids, dark systems, and dark entities that plagued and programmed us to accept and participate in evil.
God would never ever give you light and make you suffer for it. But when removing the darkness you have been carrying your whole life, it’s gonna suck! Week after week we have been tearing down the dark grids and building light grids for the return of Earth’s Titan Soul. Lucifer (Dark Core) and Satan left this world at the end of 2019...and the more we clear and the closer we get to the Titan Soul coming online, on 12.21.2020, the harder this detox feels.
Remember: your DNA was not designed by evil, but by the light. Your DNA was perfect before evil infiltrated your lineage. What is clearing now is darkness perpetuated on your family bloodline for hundreds of thousands of years.
You’re not’re detoxing 400,000 years of darkness. When this horrific year ends, your Energetic Core will be aligned with the Energetic Core of the Titan Soul that came back to the Earth-Gaia-Body in January...which is why 2020 hurts so bad.
Your human system was designed perfectly, including our third-eye power, our manifestation power, our self-healing power, etc... and it will be perfect again, but could never be powerful in a Dark Core World.
The Light Core World is almost here. Many will not stay for this transition because of how hard it is. Just hold on and focus on self care and self love and letting go of the most all of it never belonged to you anyway (except the Karma you brought to clear).
The angels can finally walk (and war against dark) among us. The fairies have just returned. The dragons have been healed and are arriving to protect the portals here. The gnomes are healing much of the ground beneath us. Many other mythical beings are coming back because they have been freed from their shackles. Everything is falling into place to see this work through.
Blessings and love and light to you all. The best is yet to come!

Source: Eon Skylark